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You may think that you still have the freedom to choose what you drive, but that freedom is increasingly at risk.

Since the 90s, more than 17 states have copied California’s emission policies to ban internal combustion engines over the next decade. Just last year, Virginia passed legislation to support Cali’s emission standards in a special session of the legislature.

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Don’t let California bureaucrats make decisions for Virginia!

In April of this year, the feds proposed new rules requiring a whopping two-thirds of all new cars and a quarter of all trucks sold in the U.S. to be electric vehicles (EVs) by 2032.

This isn’t a joke… It’s an existential threat to anyone who loves showing off their custom classic, off-roading or four wheeling in the backcountry, rallying, modding, or blazing down a long empty highway with the top down.

What our politicians never seem to get is that innovation never comes from banning stuff. We didn’t get the automobile by banning the horse and buggy… We didn’t get the airplane by banning ocean liners… And we won’t get more environmentally friendly transportation by banning internal combustion engines.

Give a gallon to roll back the Virginia ICE Ban…

So, we’re gearing up to fight back. And we’re starting in Virginia. Governor Glenn Youngkin has already announced plans to roll back the law requiring Virginia to phase out gas vehicles by 2035 and we need your help.

For the cost of a gallon of gas, you can become a member of Driving Force Action and help us get our message out to thousands of Virginia car lovers. We want to let state legislators who supported this ridiculous Virginia ICE ban know that we’re here and we vote! We’ll let you know exactly how you can support our efforts in the days and weeks ahead.

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Join the Battle to Protect Your Freedom to Ride!

Driving Force Action.org is a nationwide alliance of gearheads, car enthusiasts, and automotive small businesses who are ready to fight to defend our freedom to drive.

The American car is a symphony of steel, rubber, speed, and passion that has captivated the hearts of millions for more than 135 years. It’s the roar of an engine that sends shivers down our spines, the sleek lines and glint of chrome on a classic car that turns heads, and the freedom of the open road or a back country trail that beckons us to explore the unknown.

For many of us the American car is more than just a mode of transportation, more than a hobby, it’s a way of life, an art form, and a source of endless inspiration that fuels the hearts and minds of all of those who are captivated by the allure of the open road

But that freedom is now at risk. Hypocritical environmental elites have declared war on cars, at least those that have internal combustion engines. They jet across the world on their private planes to conferences at Davos, Aspen, and global climate summits to rail against cars and those of us who drive them.

They push for outright bans on internal combustion engines, advocating widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) regardless of their affordability, technological readiness, infrastructure availability, or whether or not the driving public even wants them.

They prioritize a radical green agenda over the jobs and livelihoods of millions of Americans who work in the automotive sector or rely on their cars and trucks to make a living and put food on their families’ tables.

That doesn’t mean we don’t care about the environment… Of course, we do. But government paper pushers are arbitrarily picking winners and losers. They have gone all in on EVs at the expense of other fuel innovations and breakthrough technologies like hydrogen, alternative fuels, and even conversions of older ICE-based cars to new electric.

Think about it this way: We didn’t get cars by banning the horse and buggy… We didn’t get airplanes by banning ocean liners… And we’re not going to get next generation, environmentally friendly cars by banning the internal combustion engine.

About Driving Force Action: Empowering Automotive Enthusiasts

Welcome to Driving Force Action, a project of the Specialty Equipment Market Association. We’re dedicated to upholding the joy of driving and safeguarding the future for auto enthusiasts everywhere. If you’re a devoted car lover, a gearhead, a car mechanic, or even an auto business owner, you’ve found your community. Our purpose is simple: to defend your right to drive or modify your car and relish the thrill of being behind the wheel.

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Preserving Freedom on the Road

In a world of rapidly shifting government regulations and silly efforts to ban the internal combustion engine (“ICE bans”), the thrill of the open road is at stake. What started with 17 states adopting California’s emissions policies to ban the internal combustion engine has escalated to a national campaign.

Federal and state governments are now proposing a radical shift towards electric vehicles, sidelining internal combustion engines. We believe that innovation thrives when choice is preserved. Progress doesn’t come from prohibition; it’s fueled by exploration and creativity.

Catalyzing Change in Virginia and Beyond

Our action begins in Virginia, where Governor Glenn Youngkin has promised to roll back that state’s ICE ban, a goofy law passed in the previous administration that aims to phase out gas vehicles by 2035. By contributing the cost of a gallon of gas, you’ll help us get our message out to thousands of Virginia voters. We’ll tell you exactly how you can help and exactly how we plan on doing that in the weeks ahead.

Honoring American Automotive Culture

Driving Force Action is more than a movement – it’s a celebration of the car’s role in our culture. It’s the rush of wind, the gleam of chrome, and the thrill of discovery that connects us. For over a century, the American car has inspired countless hearts, and our aim is to ensure that legacy lives on.

Balancing Progress and Passion

Our commitment goes beyond the past; it’s about forging a balanced future. We understand the significance of safeguarding automotive industry jobs and supporting those who rely on their vehicles for their livelihoods. Our advocacy encompasses diverse fuel innovations, including electric vehicles, hydrogen, and alternative fuels.

Driving Force Action stands for progress driven by choice, for a symphony of engines that inspire generations, and for the freedom to revel in the art of driving. Together we can protect our right to drive, and shape a future where innovation and the spirit of the open road coexist. Welcome to Driving Force Action – where tradition meets the road ahead.

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Driving Force Action is a project of the Specialty Equipment Market Association