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Off-roaders may soon be toast under Virginia, California ICE Bans

In May, the Wall Street Journal reported that while ICE bans in states like California and Virginia don’t take effect until 2035, the impacts are already being felt by off-roaders. Chrysler, the manufacturer of the popular family of Jeeps, has already announced its plans to reduce shipments of gas-powered cars to the states that have adopted California’s emissions rules.

This decision could lead to shortages of popular gas-powered models and result in higher prices for gas-powered cars in California, Virginia and other states adopting similar standards. The company says it plans to focus more on electric vehicles (EVs) to comply with the requirements, but consumer incentives and even huge subsidies have not been enough to drive widespread EV adoption.

As the WSJ wryly points out. “Subsidies tend to beget more subsidies. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the government to let Americans buy the cars and appliances they want?”

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