Virginia Governor Youngkin Doubles Down on Commitment to Repeal State’s ICE Ban

Earlier this week, the Washington Examiner reported that Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin reiterated his commitment to repeal the state’s electric vehicle (EV) mandate, contingent on the outcomes of Virginia’s November elections. This mandate, initially implemented during the tenure of former Democratic Governor Ralph Northam, forced Virginia to comply with California’s air quality standards, banning the sale of new gas-powered vehicles beginning in 2035.

Youngkin’s spokeswoman, Macaulay Porter, blasted the mandate’s results in California, saying that it defies common sense to apply California’s requirements universally to Virginia and that California should not decide the Commonwealth’s energy policy, an argument that DFA has been stressing in its current ads running on social media in Virginia.

Virginia Democrats blocked Governor Youngkin’s attempt to repeal the mandate earlier in the year and maintain a slim majority in the state Senate, while Republicans control the state House and the executive branch. Porter contended that their actions had effectively made Virginia subject to the extreme policies of unelected California bureaucrats, citing the detrimental consequences of poor energy planning in California as a cautionary example for Virginia’s energy future.

Governor Youngkin has consistently argued that the decision regarding whether Virginians should purchase electric or fossil fuel-powered vehicles should be made by the state’s residents rather than being dictated by bureaucrats from California.

The mandate’s repeal hinges on the Republican party’s control of both chambers of the Virginia legislature. With all seats in both chambers up for election in November, it’s critical that voters opposing the ban turn out on election day. If you’re a Virginia resident and haven’t registered to vote yet, or you’re unsure if you’re registered, please visit our DFA Action Center today to register to vote or access your voter information.

The outcome of these elections is critical to Youngkin’s plan. Early voting, which typically favors Democrats, commenced in the state recently. Nevertheless, Youngkin and Virginia’s Republican Party actively encourage higher Republican turnout in early and absentee voting, hoping to secure the necessary support to overturn the EV mandate.

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