Driving Force Action Responds to MASSIVE Investment from Anti-Choice Gas Vehicle Ban Proponents

Riley Ploch
Driving Force Action
Email: press@drivingforceaction.org

VIRGINIA — Following news that the League of Conservation Voters, a group that supports banning gas-powered vehicles, is dumping $2 million into Virginia’s 2023 elections, Driving Force Action spokesman Riley Ploch released the following statement:

“These out-of-touch environmental groups are trying to buy an election so they can force Virginians to buy something they clearly don’t want. If more Virginians wanted electric vehicles, they would buy them. It’s that simple. These extreme groups should stop trying to force failed California-style government on Virginians.”

Driving Force Action is a project of the Specialty Equipment Marketers Association (SEMA), a trade association that represents the $52.8 billion specialty automotive aftermarket industry. The specialty automotive aftermarket creates over 24,000 jobs in the Commonwealth and contributes $373 million in state and local taxes.

The group is in the midst of a campaign educating Virginia voters about the importance of repealing the state’s internal combustion engine (ICE) ban.

The campaign comes as Governor Glenn Youngkin has pledged to repeal the ban, setting the stage for a crucial policy shift in the state that returns power to voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

For more information about the Driving Force Action campaign and its efforts to roll back the ICE ban in Virginia, please visit www.drivingforceaction.org or contact DFA spokesperson Riley Ploch at press@drivingforceaction.org

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