Middle Class To Pay for Biden’s Out-of-Touch Priorities

Driving Force Action Supports Candidates Who Oppose EV Mandates

 ARLINGTON, VA—Driving Force Action (DFA) announces its response to President Biden’s electric vehicle mandates by targeting battleground states. DFA will engage voters around the country to elevate the issue of EV mandates and elect candidates who believe the American people, not the federal government, are better equipped to choose the cars they’d like to drive.

As American families struggle to pay their bills or buy groceries, the Biden Administration has inexplicably prioritized banning new gas-powered cars as a top priority. President Biden finalized regulations in March that eliminated most new gas cars and even traditional hybrids from the U.S. market in less than a decade.

“While many Americans struggle to make ends meet, President Biden is forcing us into EV’s we can’t afford.  Once again, the wealthy will take advantage of the tax breaks and subsidies, while the rest of us will be stuck with the bill,” said Scot Crockett, spokesperson for DFA.

Just last week, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced that the state will stop following California’s EV mandate that would have required every new car sold in Virginia to be fully electric by 2035. The announcement followed a year-long campaign by DFA in Virginia to roll back the EV mandate in the state.

The Biden mandates will stifle innovation, risk tens of thousands of American jobs, and force us into vehicles we cannot afford. While thoughtful actions to address climate change are needed, President Biden’s government-knows-best mandates are not the answer,” Crockett continued.

Driving Force Action, a political action committee established in 2023, is expanding its message across the country for the 2024 general election. In 2023, DFA focused on Virginia elections. Seventy-five percent of its endorsed candidates won that year.

Driving Force Action.org is a nationwide alliance of gearheads, car enthusiasts, and small automotive businesses ready to fight to defend our freedom to drive. To learn more, go to https://drivingforceaction.org/.

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